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Free Radio Santa Cruz Live Stream!

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Free Radio Santa Cruz has been forced to remove our streaming links by SoundExchange, a quasi-governmental group that collects "royalties" for copyright holders. In most cases, this means more money for multi-national music companies. Most composers and artists receive little or nothing from this program because of contracts with the big music companies that steal these royalties. FRSC believes that composers and artists should receive money from those who profit from their creative genius, but Free Radio Santa Cruz does not air commercials or get money from corporate underwriters. We are supported by programmer and listener donations who believe in alternatives to corporate radio. We also like to play material by independent musicians and small labels, as well as music you can't hear on commercial radio.

Sound Exchange doesn't allow us to stream copyrighted music on the internet without paying them, no matter that we are non-profit. They not only want us to pay, but they require us to register with the government. This would give them the name of someone at Free Radio Santa Cruz who could then be subject to prosecution. They also have restrictive rules as to what music we can play and how often we can play it. These restrictions would mean that some shows would have to change their formats and restrict what they play. These restrictions are counter to what Free Radio Santa Cruz is all about.

Free Radio Santa Cruz has decided to remove our streaming links from our web page. We do not want to do this, but we do not want to place any of our programmers in jeopardy or support multi-national music corporations. Please send email to Brad Prendergast at Sound Exchange bprendergast@soundexchange.com to protest this requirement.

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